I've spent the better part of the last four years as a freelance games, tech, and entertainment journalist from the comfort of my home office. My work has appeared on GameZoneGameskinny, Pure Nintendo, and most recently, App Trigger.

I've covered multiple trade show events, interviewed developers in the gaming industry, and written tons of news posts, long-form editorials, and product reviews. Being successful in this field has required that I be timely and responsible with embargo dates as well as maintaining positive relationships with contacts at various PR outlets in representing the platform that I write for.

News Posts

My most prominent role was at where I held the role of Night and Weekend Editor. It was my job to scoop up the stories that the day crew wasn't able to get to, and write them up as posts for the site's daily news feed.

Fortunately, in an industry like gaming, there's almost always something happening that's worth writing about on a daily basis; it's just about knowing where to look.


Short-form news posts are the bread and butter for any games, tech, and/or entertainment site, but where a writer really gets to express themselves is in their editorials.

Long-form writing can be a lot of work, but if you are passionate about what your are writing about, and the position you are taking on the matter, everything flows pretty naturally.


Interviewing people always had the potential for surprising you as you never quite knew who you were going to meet or what they had to show you.

I always tell people that the interview that stood out the most to me was one I did with a member of a two-man team developing a high-quality underwater submarine game called, Fathom (seen here).