Professional pen name.

Daniel R. Miller


Kansas City, MO.

Job title.

Freelance Writer, Game Journalist, Wizard of Words, etc.

What I do and how I do it.

I can write, I'm a team player, and I'm adaptable. It doesn't matter if you need long-form, short-form, product reviews, previews, social media posts, guides, copywriting, interviews, or storytelling, I'm always up to the task.

Where you can find me on the interwebs.

Here's where I got my knowledge.

  • Undergrad - The University of Central Florida - BA - Digital Media: Internet and Interactive Systems
  • Master's - Savannah College of Art and Design - MA - Game Development


I began writing full-time about four years ago coming out of grad school. My first gig was as a Lead Narrative Writer for an independently developed PC game, Forest of Seasons (unreleased). Eventually, I began working simultaneously with another independent developer, Volite Games, on an iOS pirate adventure game, Booty Hunters (unreleased) as both the Lead Narrative Developer and PR Rep.

Through my time on Booty Hunters, I came across my first game journalism platform,, which I wrote on to both promote the game and pursue my own passion for writing about video games. It wasn't long afterwards that I interned for the company that owned Gameskinny, Launch Media Network, which also coincided with landing a freelance position with 

Since then, I've gained extensive online newsroom experience, while developing my ability to produce both long and short form copy under fast-paced time crunches. I've covered multiple Electronic Entertainment Expos, Gamescom tradeshows, PlayStation Experience events alongside a plethora of both breaking and secondary news stories. 

Alongside covering news stories, I've gained valuable experience in brand promotion through writing on a platform that found itself facing off against stiff competition. Timely and engaging social posts through Facebook and Twitter was vitally important to the growth of GameZone as it helped grow and retain new readers throughout the year. 

To that end, while I have sharpened my wordcraft abilities in the video game industry, I am open to new opportunities in other enterprises and I hope to hear from you. The best way to hit me up is to shoot me an email at, message me on LinkedIn, or give me a call at 407-242-5588.